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Cooling your laptop: Rosewill Cooling Pad


When you get the chance all the time to look at cases, power supplies video cards and other components used for building a computer it is easy to sometimes forget about the everyday devices that can make the experience better. When it comes to laptops one such device is the laptop cooler.

A cooler is important because people seem to have forgotten that laptops were not designed with the intent of being used for long stretches at a time. Do not get me wrong, they do the job but they are not designed for removing the waste heat of the system efficiently and this can lead to the computer literally burning itself out. For this reason I always suggest that if your laptop is also your primary PC, make sure you have a cooler under it to help keep the heat down.

With that in mind, I stumbled across this Rosewill cooler the other day in a local computer shop. My daughter’s laptop cooler had died and she needed a new one and with a price of $20 it was worth taking a look at. Rosewill is the house brand for Newegg and this cooler along with a larger version are available on their site.2013-02-16_10-12-29_54

When I opened the box the first think I noticed was, unlike most laptop coolers, this one was made of aluminum. Now I am not talking one or two pieces but rather the entire body is made from aluminum. This makes this cooler very strong and surprisingly light weight. As you can see the cooler has a cut out region in the body where your laptop will sit. This means the laptop sits securely on the cooler and does not slide around it.

Also notice the front bevel of the cooler, it is large and has a nice angle to it. This creates an artificial wrist rest for when you are typing. The Aluminum has been finished nicely and has that soft metallic feel you get from a well made aluminum part.  Included with the cooler is a booklet, USB connection cable and 4 stickers of rubberized feet. You have to put these on but it is really simple and once in place they stick well. They also absorb any vibration from the fan to reduce noise and keep the cooler from sliding around the desk.


Flipping the cooler over we see the heart of the cooler, a 200mm blue LED fan. This fan is typical plastic in its construction and does a good job of moving a good amount of air without generating a lot of noise. The aluminum body will protect it from getting bumped when it is one the desk but the open back design does mean you risk breaking the fans blades. The result is a great cooling unit when on a desk but not one I would want to travel much with. This will also not work well on a soft surface, say a lap, it is definitely made with a desk or table in mind.


On the back we have two USB ports, one is connected to your PC with the included USB to USB cable and the other offers a pass through so you so not lose a USB port. I am not sure I like this design. The cable has the same kind of USB end on both sides and this means it is far from a typical cable. That means if you lose your cable for the cooler you might not find it easy to replace it. Also, while the idea of a pass through might sound good, in truth it is not needed. The back of the cooler is an awkward place to reach to plug in a USB device.

Next to both ports is a power switch if for some reason you would want to turn off the cooler. Considering how quiet this cooler is there is really no need to do this. The fan does have blue LEDs but even without a laptop on the cooler the blue light is not bright, is has a nice dim glow to it. With the laptop on the cooler it is hard to see it is on at all.

When we brought this cooler home my daughters laptop would get so hot to the touch near the HD, and CPU/Battery area that it was hard to keep your hand on it. I mean it was HOT, not warm. I let the laptop sit for 2 hours to be sure it was cool and then set the system on the cooler and fired it up. I wanted to stress the system, something we had not really done at first, so I loaded up some stressing software and let it run. Two hours later everything was still running perfectly and while the laptop was warm to the touch at no point could I saw it was hot. There was a noticeable cool down from previous operations.

With it’s nicely finished, all aluminum body this cooler will look great on your desk with your laptop on it. The fan is super quiet and the blue glow is hardly noticeable. Best of all it will do a great job at cooling your laptop. For $20, if you are using a laptop as a full time PC then this is a great buy.

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  3. multi-surface coolers are suitable for use on desk,lap and uneven/soft surfaces Outdoors.

    Comment by swathi | March 28, 2013 | Reply

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