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Battle Dragon Bag: LAN Party Hiking

2 AUG 2012 023Back in the day we did not have the internet to get together easily and play games. instead we all meet on a set day or weekend at a rented conference hall and link all of our PCs together and game for a day or two. This was called a LAN Party. Today LAN parties are now less common than back in the day, but the ones that are still out there draw a pretty good crowd. This was computer socialization in it’s original form.

In those days we saw all sorts of ways to lug around your PC. Probably the most common was a milk crate on a dolly held on my tie-downs. I mean you had to take the computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, headset and so on. Also remember that back then we did not have a lot of cases with handles or thin monitors. We had monster computer cases and even bigger CRT monitors to move.2 AUG 2012 027

Today we have compact monitors and easy to move cases but attending a LAN event, while easier, can still be a chore. Thermaltake however wants to ease the process and so has introduced the Battle Dragon Bag.

The Battle Dragon is a large, padded back that can be used to carry pretty much everything except your actual tower. To say this bag is huge is an understatement, The top zippers open to reveal the massive amount of space inside. The compartments are all very well padded and the area is broken up to make it easy to keep your computer stuff sorted and protected.

The larger compartment is big enough to easily fit up to a 22” monitor in it, I am serious it will fit a 22” monitor.  The other compartments are great for things like your keyboard, mouse, headset and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Outside the main compartment are a number of smaller compartments that can be used for things such as an e-reader, tablet, software, you can pretty much name it.

2 AUG 2012 028The bag is not just versatile in what it can hold but how you carry it. The bag comes with an amazing sturdy carry handle as well as a strap so you can sling this over a shoulder. This alone would be enough options for most, however Thermaltake is aiming to cover all it’s bases so it 2 AUG 2012 029has a surprise. The back side of the bag can unzipped to reveal a full backpack harness system, already in place.

This means that this bag can take everything but the tower and still allow you to be hands free to carry the tower as well when you go out to a LAN Party. All of the carrying surfaces are padded for comfort, carrying stuff with this bag is a breeze.

This bag however does not need to be limited to LAN use. The bags padding makes it great for a Laptop bag, especially if you need a weekend bag as well. The size will fit the laptop with ease and still leave room for clothes and other essentials.

Priced at $60 this bag is a LAN party goers dream come true. It has all the space you could need, is very well made, has great padding, is water resistant for rainy days and offers versatile choices for how you carry it. LAN parties might be a less common occurrence today than in the old days but if you are going to LAN parties then this is a MUST HAVE item.

You will have to excuse me now, I need to go break up a fight with the kids about who gets to keep the bag. The choice is simple, I DO!!!

Segment as heard live 8 September 2012

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